Photographs from Startup + Health Festival 2019

This year I was lucky enough to do photography for the Startup + Health Festival as well as their Coffee vendor Beans and Barbells which is owned by my colleague Denet Lewis. The Festival was good. Lots of great entrepreneurs in healthcare were there and there was a very good vibe with everyone there. They had great speakers and even had Jill Biden Joe’s Wife there as of of their keynotes.

However I honestly felt the event and most the people there seems a bit hypocritical. They all state to be doing one thing while ultimately I think they were all mostly there for more capitalistic drives rather than their stated reasons which were all largely the same we wanted to help people so we made X platform which does Y better than Z. Same formula for most the companies there that were presenting.

While in the back of the building I had a phone call at one point and had my day turned nearly upside down by witnessing what appeared to be a drug overdose happening in the back alley no less than 14 feet from the building. This really struck me hard as I realized the people in the building were professing to be fighting these kinds of problems. Personally I don’t know this is true anymore though I don’t expect them to guarantee the back alley is clear of homeless people, I am saying I feel that the drug epidemic is out of hand an no one company is going to fix it now. Perhaps if the CIA stopped shipping the drugs in bulk over the border we would have a chance…

For this reason I am starting a KickStarter Campaign in April to try to fund my “Hopeless San Francisco” mini documentary that I would film in June and July and publish in August or September. Below are some great images of the event as well as a single photo Teezer of the documentary “Hopeless San Francisco” that I want to make.

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