Photographs of the Tulip Conference in 2018

Tulip 2018 emerging technologies conference was a huge success. We got nearly 1000 attendees and led the world in exploring the opportunity that EOS as a blockchain was. We hosted the first ever EOS block producer summit which has been copied several times over as of now. For this event Bryan was the Marketing and Sponsorship Sales Director. We were able to kick this event off from scratch to completion in just over 4 months flat.

The conference was a lot of work however we we able to graet a great event with very good content. In fact some have mentioned that for a time we changed the conference game in San Francisco for some time as conferences for a time did spend more time focusing on greater content.

Additionally Tulip was the tip of the spear regarding global legislation regarding ICO’s. We had several great speakers from around the world discussing what the governments of the western world are heading regarding blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Tulip remains one of Crypto Marketing’s clients to this day and we are working diligently on delivering an amazing event for 2019, which will explore more emerging technologies, including ones outside of the blockchain space.

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